Mulee ” Comoros slapped us with Coronavirus”!

Kenyans were disappointed after Harambee stars were silenced by Comoros with a 2:1 loses. Many wanted retorts from the new coach Mr. Jacob ghost Mulee.

Harambee Stars Coach Jacob Ghost Mulee/Photo/Courtesy

The coach accused Comoros football Associations for subverting the stars before the two met in Moroni, last Sunday night.

According to Mulee, Comoros officials wanted to embargo six players from the Harambee starts’ line, with claims that they had tested positive for Coronavirus malaise.

“We expected it. The opponent targeted six of our best players and claimed they had tested positive for Covid-19. But we had certificates confirming our team was safe” Claimed Mulee

Coach Mulee also said that, he will not resign, and he blame inactivity on the domestic football.

“Lawi played for 4o minutes and got tired. We have not played football in Kenya for nine months. Most players are unfit . I don’t plan to resign, maybe if the federation sacks me” More

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