Shocking: A man kills self after slaughtering his two children

The incident happened in a small village called Dodori kwakiogo, where villagers where shocked after a 31 years old man committed suicide after slaughtering his two children.

Speaking to Balindiway Media, the deceased brother Mr Elijah kamau said that, his brother had separated with his wife and she had left the children with their dad.

It was said that, the 31 years old man took this drastic decision based on anger and desperation.

He could have sought for counseling instead of deciding to end the lives of the innocent children.

The three have been buried today and the incident has left many with questions nagging in their minds.

On behalf of Balindiway Media, we would like to send our sincere and heartfelt condolence to the family and friends of Elijah Kamau. Pole sana bro.

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