Helicopter Rushing to Collect KCSE Papers Crashes

In Wajir, a helicopter transporting a pilot and two passengers crashed, resulting in injuries. The trio was en route to Arbajahan in Northern Kenya County to retrieve papers from candidates partaking in the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

Wreckage of the chopper that crashed in Wajir on Monday/PHOTO/COURTESY

Images from the incident displayed severe damage to the chopper’s fuselage and the disintegration of the cockpit.

The rotor and its rotary wings, crucial for lifting the helicopter off the ground, were also fractured in the aftermath of the crash. Regional Commissioner John Otieno reported that the three individuals received medical attention at the hospital.

The crash is presumed to have transpired within the initial minute of the helicopter’s departure. Authorities are conducting investigations to ascertain the cause of the incident. More

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