Inside Archbishop Muheria new warning to president Ruto!

Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria has send astern warning to president William Ruto over the problems Kenya is facing currently.

The Archbishop urged the head of state to find a solution through discussions in regard to the high cost of living and increased cost of fuel. 

Speaking to the media, Muheria pointed out that poor Kenyans are continue to be constrained because they have been cornered everywhere.

“We need to address the whole issue of energy, fuel, and electricity. It is unfortunate we have witnessed an increase in fuel prices. This is going to affect the common Mwananchi in terms of fare prices.

“It is going to have a terrible ripple effect. All prices of commodities will be affected,” He stated.

He went on to add that the increased kerosene fuel by Ksh 33 has only affected the poor as the richer don’t use kerosene.

“There must be other solutions beyond pushing and demanding extra from what does not exist among the poor.

“The plight of the poor should not only be about words, we must ensure they do not lack food on the table.

“We must have a discussion and come up with solutions,” he said.  More

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