Drama as Famous Tanzanian model Ben Breaker dares Khaligraph jones to a ring fight

A fresh development has arisen in the ongoing feud between Kenya and Tanzanian rappers, featuring renowned Tanzanian model and dancer Ben Breaker. Breaker has boldly challenged Khaligraph Jones to a boxing match to resolve their differences.

Photo collage: Ben Breaker, Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones triggered a heated clash with Tanzanian artists when he made remarks seemingly undermining his Tanzanian counterparts.

In a recent interview, the self-proclaimed rap OG boldly asserted his dominance in the East African rap scene, claiming that Tanzanian rappers lacked the skills to compete with him and that he could obliterate their careers within a mere 24 hours.

Ben Breaker, a well-known figure in Tanzania’s entertainment industry, took to Instagram to issue this challenge, firmly stating that no Kenyan artist could match his boxing prowess.

Khaligraph, also known as Papa Jones, initially sparked tensions with Tanzanian artists through remarks that seemed disrespectful but later clarified that his words were taken out of context.

Amidst these escalating tensions, Khaligraph Jones extended an olive branch by issuing an apology to Tanzanians.

However, Tanzanian male model and dancer Ben Breaker remains uncompromising. In a video posted on Instagram, he dared Khaligraph Jones to a boxing match, believing that the outcome would conclusively settle the feud and restore his country’s honor.

Tanzanian Model, dancer Ben Breaker | Photo/Courtesy/ Ben Breaker

“Khaligraph Jones, I’ve heard you speaking negatively about Tanzania, disrespecting our nation. You can’t insult my country,” he declared. “If I were a rapper, I would have released diss tracks to put you in your place. But I’m not a rapper; I’m a model and a dancer, and as you can see, I’m hitting the gym,” he added.

Breaker pointed out that Khaligraph is also a fitness enthusiast, making a boxing ring the logical arena to resolve their differences. More

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