Woman reported missing, only to be found dead in her house!

Police in Nairobi have started investigations over the death of a woman who’s body was found in her house in Lovington.

Sheila Kawira, 34, was reported missing few days ago, only for her decomposing body to be found in her house at Lovington valley, on 3rd November 2020.

The apartment caretaker, Nelson Akonyo Noticed a foul smell, coming from Kawira’s house. He immediately notified police, who broke into the house.

Her lifeless body was found in her sitting room, half naked, something that showed that, Kawira might have been abused and then killed.

Her corpse was moved to Montezuma mortuary, and a report filed at Muthangari police station under the OB no. 56/3/11/2020. pending investigations. More

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