New revelation details how Uhuru will deal with Sabina Chege if she manages to grab Jubilee party forcefully!

Embattled Jubilee Party Secretary-General Jeremiah Kioni has exposed how Uhuru Kenyatta’s plan to deal with nominated senator Sabina Chege if by chances she takes over the former ruling party.

Speaking on Monday 17th July, the former Ndaragwa member of parliament stated that Sabina Chege and her partner in crime East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP Kanini Kega will automatically fail even if they manage to grab the Jubilee party from the former head of state.

Kioni revealed that himself and Uhuru Kenyatta are on the move to retaining control of the Central Kenya voting block strategically, with the intention of putting an end to the popularity of the new leadership within the Jubilee Party and further winning the support and favour of the mount Kenya region’s residents..

“Even if they manage to take the party, we have put in place plans to ensure that the supporters, especially, from the Mount Kenya region do not move with them.

“We have the options, including moving to another political party. As a matter of fact, the people will move on to other parties and we will create a new system,” Kioni stated.

Jeremiah Kioni went on to advice Sabina Chege and Kanini Kega to grow without sabotaging the people who natured their political journey.

“People make themselves, they are not made by the office. These people are misguided in their thinking that they will become great politicians by grabbing the party by force.

“The notion that for an individual to ascend to positions of influence then they must displace people and take forcefully take up positions, is a wrong notion

“A good example is Raila Odinga who has been out of elective office for more than 20 years yet he commands the support of half of the country. It means that being in a position does not necessarily guarantee anyone’s support,” Kioni advised. More

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