Exposed: Why Junet Mohamed and Joho did not attend Raila Odinga’s Kamukunji Rally despite former invite!

Before last years election, Suna East Member of Parliament and Former Mombasa governor Hassan Joho were Raila Odinga’s biggest confidants.

Photo collage; Mixed photos of Junet, Joho and Kamukunji Rally

Things changed drastically after the former prime minister lost to the now president William Ruto, his close allies, Junet and the likes started pulling back slowly by slowly.

On 27th of June 2023, the ODM Party leader and his Azimio troop held a mega Rally at Kamukunji grounds.

It was expected that all Azimio leaders to be there. Apparently Junet and Joho, Raila Odinga’s mouth soldiers were no where to be seen.

These two leaders were know to be number one Ruto insulters. At some point, Junet insulted Ruto’s dental formula and Joho threatened to arrest Ruto after Raila makes him land CS.

Rumours has it that, Joho spoke to Raila Odinga to just maintain low profiles so that they don’t collide with the head of state. More

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