Exposed: What was Ngunjiri Wambugu doing in Ruto’s crowd in Nyeri?

Deputy president William Ruto, made his visit to Nyeri county in accompany of his 20 allies from M.t kenya region and Beyond.

Photo showing Ngujiri Wambugu in between DP Ruto’s crowd. / Courtesy

Before reaching Nyeri county, he stopped in kangema constituency, where he preached peace, talked about youth empowerment programmes and finally he donated motorcycles to the area boda boda riders.

He passed through mathioya to Nyeri where his supporters were gathered eagerly waiting to be addressed by him.

While in Nyeri addressing his supporters, he was informed that, the man behind kieleweke phrase and Nyeri law maker, ngunjiri was among the crowd.

Ngunjiri wambugu , was dressed in black, and it was hard for him to be noticed quickly.

However, DP called him on stage to greet his people.

“I am informed mheshimiwa Ngunjiri is here with us. Mheshimiwa Ngunjiri unataka kuongea ama bado? Wananchi wamekata sasa shauri yako.” Dp said amidst boos and heckling from the crowd.

All that happened, while Ngunjiri was staring at the crowd, chanting No no no expressing their disapproval.

Up to now, nobody knows what Ngunjiri Wambugu was doing in between the crowd without even a single guard.

Rumours says that, Wambugu wanted to mobilize Nyeri youths to boo DP Ruto. Apparently, things turned against him. More

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