“Support BBI so that Uhuru can get a 3rd term”! Atwoli

Cotu secretary general, Francis Atwoli has said that, Uhuru can vie for presidency come 2022 if only kenyans passes the proposed BBI report.

Francis Atwoli. Photo/Courtesy

Atwoli stated that, although uhuru had announced his retirement, he can still vie for presidential seat, and because he is loved by many Kenyans, he will win and rule again.

He added that, when campaigning, Uhuru Will argue that, his first year was interrupted, and during his second term, his deputy turned against him, and that’s why he didn’t deliver what he promised kenyans in 2012.

“Uhuru amesema anaenda nyumbani lakini kama Mkenya, hakuna kitu itamzuia kuwania kiti tena. Anaweza sema his first term was interepted and in his second term, his deputy turned agaist him,” said trade unionist Atwoli. More

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