Miguna Miguna sends a strong message to uhuru and Raila.

Miguna Miguna is sending a message to kenyans, he is insisting and urging kenyans to reject BBI by all means.

Miguna Miguna /photo courtesy

What is driving him? Could it be that he is bitter after he was betrayed by his colleague Raila Odinga?

“The #BBIFraud is far worse than the WAKO MONGREL Kenyans REJECTED in 2005. It is far worse than the 1964 constitutional MUTILATION by Kamau wa Ngengi

It’s orse than the 1992 MONGREL Dictator Moi IMPOSED to allow him CLING TO POWER. Despot Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenyans aren’t stupid.

How much public resources will Despot Uhuru Kenyatta and Conman Raila Odinga waste on fake #BBIFraud rallies and launches?

They spent Sh20 writing rubbish; Sh10 Billion in Nov 2019 at Bomas; Sh10 Billion at Kisii; and another Sh30 Billion on Uhuru’s Birthday on Monday! #RejectBBI #UhuruMustGo #RailaMustFall #RevolutionNow” Miguna Miguna fumes. More

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