“Kioni amerogwa” Questions as Jubilee SG Jeremiah Kioni puts big sufuria on his head during mass action!

Jubilee Party secretary General Jeremiah Kioni has left his fellow Jubilee Party members and leaders bewildered.

Jeremiah Kioni covers his head with a sufuria during maandamano in Nairobi

This is after he turned the entire Mount Kenya into laughing stock after he did unthinkable during Raila Odinga’s Monday 20th March 2023 mass action in Nairobi.

Kioni, who has been at the centre of controversy after rumours emerged that he is supporting Raila’s maandamano because of political party funding showed the entire country that he is indeed an hungry man.

During Azimio mass action in Ruaraka, the former Ndaragwa member of Parliament decided to stoop too low and used a sufuria to cover his head. More

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