Illuminati in Kenya. Who are the members.

Illuminati has and is taking over Kenya, Africa and world.Every morning young people are rushing to join this cult and you will see them posting on social media on how to join Illuminati and become rich .


Where did Illuminati come from? and what are the benefits of joining Illuminati or freemasonry?

It is believed that, Illuminati originated from Germany at around 1776. It spread so fast through out the world and gained so much popularity.

It is written that, when, when you join Illuminati, you will become very rich, have powers and much influence in society.

Joining Illuminati is very easy. Devil is interested with your soul and once you join, you will go to Hell after you die. Musician and some politicians have sold their souls for wealth and power.

In Kenya, so many people are linked to this cult. for example we have rapper Octopizzo and khaligraph jones. This two people have confessed to be associated with the Illuminati


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