Chinese develops a Kissing device that lets you kiss Over the internet for long-distance lovers

A Chinese inventor has come to the aid of long distance lovers by developing a device that one can use to directly kiss his/her partner despite the distance.

An advertisement for a kissing device designed for long-distance lovers on China’s online shopping site Taobao. /Photo/Courtesy

The device, which has since shocked Chinese people, causing a star online lets long-distance couples share “real” physical intimacy.

Reports has it that, the device, which is equipped with pressure sensors and actuators is able to mimic a real kiss by replicating the pressure, movement and temperature of a user’s lips.

Along with the kissing motion, the device is also able to transmit the sound the user makes while kissing so that to give the other partner real feelings.

The device, which is now being advertised and sold on one of the China’s largest online shopping site Taobao at only  288 yuan (US$41) is causing mixed reactions with some people saying that Children can buy it online and use it.

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