Raila will sue Miguna after his hard-hitting message over Kamukunji rally declaration!

Out spoken lawyer Miguna Miguna has once again taken a swing at former prime minister for claiming that he does not recognize William Ruto as the president.

On Monday 23rd January, during the Kamukunji rally, Raila Odinga claimed that his victory was stolen in 9th August 2022 presidential election in favour of president William Ruto.

Miguna, who once swore-in Raila Odinga as people’s president back in 2018 after rejecting 2017 presidential results, mockingly wrote on his tweeter that this time he wont be available to swear him in.

He, however, warned him to be careful because William Ruto is duly elected president  and that his move to say he won’t recognize him is an exercise in futility.

“Please tell Raila Odinga that General. Miguna Miguna isn’t available to swear him in as the People’s President, nor am I prepared to help him boycott or resist the duly elected President of the Republic of Kenya.

The cowardly and treacherous Raila is on his own!” He said.

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