Revealed: what Magoha told his wife to do hours to his death!

The late former education cabinet secretary professor George Magoha’s close friend  Dr. Walter Mwanda has revealed his final moments before his death disclosing how he collapsed four times.

 Dr. Barbara Magoha

Speaking at lee funeral home on Tuesday 24th January 2023, evening, Mwanda pointed out that Magoha had a premonition about his death and left his wife  Dr. Barbara Magoha a strong message.

Mwanda told the media that, the late professor told his wife his time had come and he is happy everything was done, further he requested his wife to call their son and daughter -in-law to finally see them.

“At around 3 o’clock, I got a phone call from the wife that she needed me urgently. I was at a clinic in the Kenyatta National hospital seeing a patient and I called a colleague to take over.

I rushed to my car and I was driving away from Kenyatta, she called again and asked me whether I had a blood pressure machine and I rushed back to my clinic, got a blood pressure machine,” Mwanda recounted.

Mwanda went on to narrate how he got an SMS from Barbra asking whether he can get an ambulance.

“I was too close to their home and I drove right to the home, at the gate I met some attendants who rushed me in. I met the son at the door who took me straight to where he was.

“He was seated actually, he greeted me and I decided to check the blood pressure, As I was recording he slipped off from his sitting position so we carried him to the car,” he said.

Report indicates that Magoha was rushed to Nairobi hospital where he collapsed again but he was  resuscitated by his son Michael.

“He had a collapse, he was resuscitated back by his son who is a medical doctor, and 100 meters to the casualty of the Nairobi Hospital he collapsed gain.

He was rushed to casualty there was resuscitation, which took a bit of time but they were not able to revive him,” Mwanda narrated.

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