Uhuru Kenyatta will shed tears after reading this!

On Sunday, Deputy President William Ruto had to cancel his visit to st. Leo Catholic church in Kakamega County after he was notified that, he was barred from attending the mass.

Dp William Ruto at AIC bomani in machakos county/photo courtesy

Instead, Ruto turned up in African Inland Church in Bomani Machakos County, where he was welcomed like a king.

Ruto took the special opportunity to talk to Kenyans and apologise on behalf of the government.

” I plea for orgiveness over the recent chaos in Murang’a, Kakamega and Nyamira counties”.

The DP apologised to the Church for the chaos that happened in Murang’a last Sunday, that lead to loss of two lives after kieleweke and tanga tanga youths clashed over his visits.

“I’m sorry that I have come here unannounced and I know that the Clergy would have wanted a notice. I had planned to worship in Kakamega but we received a police notice saying it cannot happen and because I would not have wanted to go there and cause problems.

I decided to plan for another day and instead I came here,” William told the worshipers

He added and said that “As a Christian, I want to ask for forgiveness on behalf of the Government about what happened in Muranga, Nyamira, and Kakamega.

Let nothing stop us from worshipping, those disrespecting the word of God should stop,” he said.

“Let us walk the path of forgiveness and that is why I take this opportunity to say; for all those I have wronged I ask for your forgiveness, to those I have said annoying things I also ask for forgiveness so that we can soar,” he concluded. More

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