Shocking: This is what k!lled Othual Othual.

Othual Othual, who’s real name is Ben Maurice Onyango, was a celebrated comedian, who has left a gap in the comedy industry. Ben was born in Alegi, Siaya County.

The late Othual othual and Sandra Dacha from Auntie boss/photo courtesy.

Beside being a comedian in churchill show, he was an actor in a local show know as Auntie boss

In 2019 Ben was diagnosed with tuberculosis, which took him 7 months of medication to recover, he was helped clear the bill by Churchill, the founder the laugh industry.

Before he was diagnosed, Ben opened up and said that, he was battling with alcoholism and he would sell his home appliances just to get a beer or any local brew to quench his thirst.

He also said that he used to perform while drunk, but he thanked God for helping him overcome the addiction.

He was hopping to get back to comedy early this year, but things didn’t go as he had planned.

Othual died at 31 years old and he was not married. His remains will be laid to rest at his home in Alegi, Siaya County

May his soul rest in peace. More

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