Revealed: Why Kimani Ngunjiri refused Ruto’s job offer despite losing election!

Former Bahati member of Parliament and President William Ruto number one confidant Kimani Ngunjiri has finally revealed why President Ruto did not appoint him any job in the executive.

Photo collage; President William Ruto, former Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri

Speaking during a morning session on K24 on Thursday, 12th of January 2023, Ngunjiri revealed that he is the one who refused Ruto’s job offer.

According to the outspoken leader, the head of state called him to offer him a job as a cabinet minister but he refused because he wanted a lesser post.

“It’s not a must for me and Arap Kirwa to be in government because we were not born on government. The President had offer me to be a minister but i refused. I said no, I wanted a lesser seat,” said Ngunjiri

Kimani also said that he is currently not interested in politics because he used to have a lot of issues with the current president and Nakuru governor at that time

“My life is not only in politics, and I decided even if I lost the election, I would not do politics again because of my age. I had a lot of problems with the current President and the governor at that time,” he added. More

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