Ruto is my hero – Ngunjiri Wambugu shocking message to Raila about Ruto shocks even Uhuru!

Former Nyeri town member of Parliament and Azimio la Umoja Number one defender Ngunjiri Wambugu has once again scared Raila Odinga.

Ngunjiri Wambugu and other leaders in a grab interview

This is after he released another bombshell about president William Ruto, leaving former President Uhuru Kenyatta mesmerized.

Taking to his social media account, Wambugu confessed that he, plus other Raila Odinga supporters fought William Ruto for five good years.

According to the former lawmaker, Ruto is indeed a strong man that should be envied by everybody, adding that he will from now on follow the head of state.

“I told a friend of mine that if I am called upon to chose between #WilliamRuto & anyone else over the next 5 years, I’ll be with Ruto.

“We fought this man too hard for 5 years & he beat us #wellwell. It is the least I can do,” Wambugu posted on his social media account. More

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