Truth about viral video of Miguna Miguna being chased from a Hotel!

A video of lawyer Miguna Miguna that has gone viral on social media platforms and private massaging application such as Whatsapp and telegram did not occur on November 22nd.

In the video, Miguna was seen being roughed up by a rowdy youth who attempted to eject him from a hotel in Kisumu County.

A review of social media platforms shows that the video was recently published  a Facebook user known as Takaba TV, with over 28,000 followers.

Tabaka TV, which posted the video on October 28th claimed in a caption ” “Miguna arrives in Kisumu! The last time Dr. Miguna Miguna visited Kisumu he did not like it.”

The video has since attracted 364,000 views and 4000 likes.

It has since been established that the claims are not factual and that events recorded in the video took place on August 25th, 2012 and not during his recent visit as depicted.

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