Shocking thing Raila is planning to do to Ruto if he doesn’t leave Cherera alone!

Opposition leader Raila Odinga on Thursday, 24th of November 2022 attended the public hearing of the four commissioners of IEBC including Juliana Cherera who were against Ruto’s win during August 9th election.

Azimio team during presser on Thursday

After the hearings, Raila, Kalonzo Musyoka, Martha Karua and Makau Mutua had a presser where they castigated the head of state and his team badly.

Raila warned that, President Ruto is trying to run Kenya on Auto pilot mode, adding that the parliamentary committee had no right to summon the 4 IEBC officials.

“By summoning these commissioners, Parliament is usurping the role of a tribunal. They are trying to prejudice whatever tribunal could be formed.

“Parliament’s role must be limited to summoning the petitioners and deciding whether the issues raised warrant the setting up of a tribunal,” said Odinga.

The Azimio la Umoja leader warned that, if Ruto and his team do not leave Cherera and other commissioners alone, they will be forced to mobilize Kenyans to reject Kenya Kwanza administration, adding that it will not end well.

“With all the problems Kenyans are going through, a focus on punishing four commissioners who did not agree with their chairman is trivial, vindictive and vile. It must stop. It will NOT end well,” Odinga warned Ruto.

According to Raila, Ruto is trying to force things like the former president the late Daniel Moi who, according to Raila was a dictator. More

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