Shocking thing CS Alfred Mutua told Kenyans in South Korea in front of Ruto that shocked Uhuru!

On Tuesday, 22nd of November 2022, president William Ruto, together with other delegates from Kenyan including foreign affairs minister Alfred Mutua had a meet-up with Kenyans living in South Korea.

President William Ruto and Foreign affair CS Alfred Mutua in South Korea

Mutua, who got a chance to address his fellow Citizens in the foreign country left President Ruto mesmerized after he warned them against travelling back to Kenya.

According to Mutua, Kenyans in South Korea and other parts of the world should not come back home because there no jobs.

The Cabinet secretary said that his ministry a diaspora department that for their needs and would oversee a transition between Kenyans relocating to South Korea and those leaving the Asian nation. 

“Why would you leave Korea with a good job to come to Kenya? The economy of Kenya is on a slowdown, there is hardly any employment in Kenya,” said Mutua.

We are seeking to have more Kenyans come and do senior jobs here in South Korea,” he added noting that they are in talk with South Korea foreign minister Dr Park Jin, to increase the number of Kenyans seeking opportunities abroad. 

Some Kenyans however have found Alfred Mutua’s sentiments in front of Ruto offensive as they are the ones to create plans and make jobs available in Kenya to minimize foreign travels in seeks of jobs. More

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