President Ruto orders tough measures against Nairobi muggers!

President William Ruto has ordered police officers to use their firearms if in danger of criminals amidst rampant shooting, Killings and robbery in the city and its outskirts.

Addressing the regional police commander at the state house on Wednesday, November 16th, Ruto affirmed that the government can not allow criminals overrun cities.

The commander in chief went ahead to note the police officers had the backing of the law to make sure they deal with criminals firmly.

“We cannot allow criminals to overrun our cities of any part of Kenya, If any police officer is in danger of criminals, they must use their firearms to deal with the criminals,” the Head of State told the officers. 

At the same time, the president urged the officers to be apolitical while discharging their duties in order to make sure citizens remain safe.

“We want the police to be professional, independent, and accountable while protecting Kenyans,” Ruto stated. 

Ruto added that the Government will provide the police with modern equipment to help confront insecurity in the country. More

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