Ruto on fire after deploying special unit to fight Nairobi criminals!

For days now, Kenyans especially Nairobians have been complaining of increased crimes where videos have circulated showing people being mugged in public.

Photo collage; President Ruto, RDU Police

Following public outcry, the head of state, on Tuesday, 15th of November 2022 deployed General Service Unite (GSU) and Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU) to deal with the bad boys and girls.

Ruto’s response action however did not go well with Human rights groups since he was the one who removed Special Service Unit (SSU).

Amnesty International Kenya executive Director Irungu Houghton has send strong message to the son of Sugoi over the creation of another Special Unit.

According to Irungu, Ruto should be careful with his special men since some are taking laws onto themselves.

“It is very important that they do not allow those units to become units unto themselves.

“What we have seen from the scandals in the last three weeks essentially is that the SSU (Special Service Unit) became essentially a law unto itself and in many cases broke the law with impunity,” he said

The Human Rights officer argued that, the increased crime in Nairobi is brought by high cost of living and joblessness, urged the government to create jobs for the idle youth.

“We know that this is, primarily, arising from the cost of living and the fact that people are finding it very difficult to survive. So, in many cases, they are distressed crimes,” he added. More

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