Winnie Odinga exposes how US made his father Raila lose last election to Ruto!

Former prime minister and ODM party leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga on Wednesday night exposes how America contributed to his father’s fail in August 9th 2022 election.

Winnie Odinga/photo/Courtesy

Speaking during an interview on Citizen TV, the EALA nominee claimed that if it was not for United states of America, his father Raila would be the 5th president of Kenya.

According to Miss Odinga, America influenced the outcome of the August 9th election results in favour of William Ruto because they did not want her father to win.

The opposition daughter said that she felt very bad after the results were announced and Ruto declared president since she was part and parcel of Raila’s campaign.

“Have you ever worn virtual reality glasses? That is what Kenya is to them. You put it on and you play. Kenya is like a PlayStation to them,” She said.

Winnie refuted claimed that she was the once that sabotaged her father’s candidature by micromanaging his communication team into oblivion.

“This is my father and I don’t think anyone worked harder on that campaign than me except him. People were there for their own agendas; they were there to sabotage us and do all sorts of things but I prepared him (Raila) as best as I could for him to succeed.

“He is my father; every one can call him ‘baba’ but he is my father. I don’t see any problem with being overprotective.

“When people look back they always look for somebody to blame. As much as I love campaigns, I was hardly on the campaign trail,” Winnie told Wahiga Mwaura of Citizen TV. More

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