Sakaja issues tough conditions targeting Nairobi hawkers and street families!

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has issued tough conditions targeting hawkers and street Families in Nairobi.

This is after majority of Kenyans especially passersby in Nairobi complained of theft and mugging in footbridges.

Speaking on Sunday, 13th of November 2022, the capital city boss said that from now on forth it will be illegal for any hawker or street family to be found occupying footbridges.

According to the super governor,

 the aforesaid individuals have already been expelled from the footbridges and the Nairobi fire department has already pressure-washed the premises for the safety of pedestrians.

The Kenya Kwanza allied leader said that the move will restore security in Nairobi adding that the affected individuals will be allocated new places to occupy.

“To make sure that there is security there were street families that were staying there and we have cleared them, we have cleaned the bridge, the fire department has come with its pipes and nobody will be allowed to conduct business to live on our bridges and fly-overs.

“If you want a space for trade we will find you a space for trade but not in a public utility like that,” said Sakaja. More

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