Miguna Miguna shocking message to DPP Haji after exposing DCI Kinoti shocks Ruto!

Firebrand lawyer Miguna Miguna has hit out at the  Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji over his comment on former DCI boss George Kinoti.

Photo collage; DPP Haji, Miguna Miguna

DPP Haji had said that the law will pursue ex- DCI boss if they find out that he committed some illegalities.

Its was while responding to a media on the comments that Miguna said Haji and Kinoti were two sides of the same coin.

He pinpointed that, while Kinoti was performing his mandate at no time Haji raised a concern or complain over the same.

The fearless Miguna now wants the two to be arraigned  to face charges regarding their conduct.

“You did nothing about Kinoti’s outrageous criminality for more than 4 years. Kinoti was your partner in crime. My view is that BOTH of you should face CHARGES for torture, misfeasance and abuse of power!” Miguna pointed out.

The DPP and the ex-DCI boss were embroiled in a supremacy battle that saw some prosecution of some cases delayed while others failed to take of. More

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