Exposed: How President Ruto is bringing back Moi era!

Just few days after Kenyans voted in Kenya Kwanza government lead by President William Ruto, things have already started changing slowly by slow.

President William Ruto signing Moi’s condolence book

Some government officials will now be forced to endure what their can term as ‘strict’ working environment as the head of state is a no nonsense person.

On Thursday, 27th of October 2022, after the Cabinet secretaries were sworn-in, Ruto warned them that he will not tolerate time wasters and that he will be very strict whenever he calls for meeting and one goes late.

Former President the late Mzee Daniel Moi was also very strict when it comes to time. He used to be very hard on leaders but very soft on Kenyans.

That’s why economy was very good during Moi’s era. Ruto, being a former Moi’s servant is trying to buy something from his former boss the late president Moi.

The head of state has also made it clear that he will be on 2027 ballot and he is very kin on matters to do with one party.

Ruto want to shrink all the Kenya Kwanza parties into one United Party, UDA, something that we all know and sure he will face endless opposition on. More

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