Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Odinga last warning to Miguna for disrespecting his bro.

Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Odinga has badly demolished NRM General Miguna Miguna just few days after landing from Canada.

Photo collage; Oburu Odinga, Miguna Miguna

Since his arrival, Miguna has bee alleging that he will be taking over from Opposition leader Raila Odinga as the next Luo Kingpin.

According to Miguna, Raila and his family have been lying and misleading the Luo Community for long and it’s about time for proper liberation.

Apparently, Raila’s younger bro is not giving Miguna any chill. According to Oburu, Miguna his nothing compared to Baba Raila Odinga.

He explained that, the self proclaimed General tried running for in Nyando Constituency seat and got only 20 votes, he even tried Nairobi governor seat and got almost nothing.

“Miguna came here to contest for the Nyando seat. He got only 20 votes. He went for the governo seat in Nairobi and he almost got nothing.

“Now the press is treating him as if he is next to God, but Miguna Miguna You are nothing,” said Oburu Odinga. More

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