Shocking reason why Aisha Jumwa murd*r case was withdrawn!

The case in which public service,  Gender and Affirmative Action Cabinet Secretary nominee Aisha Jumwa is accused of murder has taken a fresh twist. 

This is after prosecution on Tuesday, October 18th 2022, told the Mombasa high court that the family of the diseased Michael Ngumbao Jola – wished to settle the matter outside the court.

Senior state Counsel Vivian Kambaga, told the court that the prosecution is in receipt of a sworn affidavit from the late Jola’s family over the same.

“Your honor the prosecution has received a letter from the family requesting us to drop the charges since the family want to settle the matter out of court,” Kambaga told the court.

According Kambaga, decision by the family to withdraw the charges against Jumwa (the second accused person) is because she is not a principal offender in the matter. More

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