Shocking thing Miguna told Raila after he visited Bunge la Wananchi at Jevanjee Garden

Canada based Kenyan lawyer Miguna Miguna has taken a swipe at Opposition leader Raila Odinga after he visited Bunge la Wananchi at the famous Jevanjee Gardens in Nairobi.

Photo collage; Miguna Miguna, Raila Odinga and his troop at Jevanjee Gardens, Nairobi

Taking to his social media account, the outspoken leader, calling the Azimio leader all sorts of names said that Raila is trying to use Jevanjee Gardens to confuse unemployed Luo Youth in Nairobi to support his desperate quest for power.

“Conman Raila Odinga deludes himself that he can use Jevanjee Gardens as a platform to confuse unemployed Luo youth in Nairobi to join him in his desperate quest for power 5 years after the COWARD BETRAYED the NRM-Kenya.

“It will never work. The youth still remember how conman Raila Odinga surrendered to despot Uhuru Kenyatta like a thief. The conman must retire,” Miguna posted on his social media account. More

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