Shocking thing Mutahi Ngunyi told Uhuru after failing to attend peace talk in Ethiopia baffles Ruto!

Political journalist cum analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has taken a swipe at president Uhuru Kenyatta after failing to attend his first international peace mission as directed by president Ruto.

Photo collage; Mutahi Ngunyi, Uhuru and Raila

The former head of state released a statement on Friday, 7th of October 2022 explaining why he will not attend the peace mediation siting abatements elsewhere.

“Regrettably, I wish to notify your good office that I will not be able to attend the AU-Convened Peace Talks scheduled for October 8, 2022, in South Africa owing to conflicts in my schedule.

“I thank you for your dedication to the Pan-African call for peace in our continent. Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration,” said Uhuru, signing the letter as a peace convoy.

Kenyans were not happy with Uhuru’s choice to disobey Ruto among those bewildered were analyst Mutahi Ngunyi who said that things don’t add up at all.

“Things don’t add up about Uhuru failing to attend the Ethiopia-Tigray mediation in South Africa. One, Ruto visits Ethiopia this week.

“Two, when he returns US special envoy to the horn meets him at state house as the new mediator. Add the math,” said Mutahi Ngunyi.

In layman’s language, Ngunyi was trying to say that former president Uhuru Kenyatta refused to take President Ruto’s offer to be a peace envoy. More

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