Its over for us – Azimio Leaders cries foul after Majority ruling!

Langata member of parliament Phelix Oduor alias Jalang’o now says that Thursday decision by National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula to declare Kenya Kwanza as the majority in the House means trouble for Azimio la Umoja one Kenya alliance.

According to Jalang’o, the ruling may cripple parliament operations in its role of over sight and legislation.

“There must be people who must put the government in check. But if things go the way they are, there are a lot of things which will be thrown under the carpet again and again,” the lawmaker said on Citizen TV’s Day Break show on Friday.

The Azimio MPs faulted the speaker’s decision citing alleged political inclination and compulsion following President William Ruto’s impromptu visit to Parliament on Wednesday.

The Langata MP went on further to blame woes that befell Azimio on leaders he termed as being opportunistic for shifting their allegiance to Kenya Kwanza after the General elections.

“Wetangula was a Kenya Kwanza principal and there was no way he was going to rule in favour of Azimio. When he put it up there, I knew there was trouble. Then the President came to Parliament for lunch.

“The team from MDG are just opportunists, they just want to be part of the government. It is just the 14 guys who changed everything and messed up everything. Right now we would be part of the majority, we have lost everything, it is over for us.

“Sometimes we have to elect people and leaders with a stand, those who accept the loss of elections, and stand and say that this is the cause I have taken and this is where I stand and what I fight for…and not that all you need is to be in government. If Azimio would have won the elections, would they still be shifting?” Jalang’o posed.

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