Fearless Miguna exposes shocking details about Ambrose Rachier and how they take oath in freemason!

Few hours after Freemason confessed Ambrose Rachier made it clear that freemason is just any organization like any other, Kenyans born lawyer Miguna Miguna has bashed him for lying infront of the Kenyans on a national TV.

During one on one with Dancun Khaemba of NTV, the Gor-Mahia CEO pointed out that in freemason they don’t do devil worshiping and that after being initiated they take oath like any other profession taking oath of office i.e. doctors, MPs etc.

However, Miguna couldn’t hold the lies told by Ambrose, took to his social media account and opened Kenyans eyes.

“CROOKED Ambrose Rachier is a devil worshipper. Daniel arap Moi and other KANU crooks used Rachier and other devil worshippers to PLUNDER the Karura Forest. But, of course, the Githeri Media would never mention that even in a whisper.

“He and others like Amos Wako, conman Raila Odinga, SK Macharia, despot Uhuru Kenyatta, etc. HIDE in SECRET DEVILISH societies to MESS UP the country. Ambrose Rachier is a devil worshipper.

“He cannot compare PUBLIC OATHS physicians, advocates and those elected to public office take in the OPEN with SHADY FREEMASON OATHS they take naked in DUNGEONS.

“Freemasons do their evil deeds in DARKNESS. We challenge them to operate OPENLY. For Ambrose Rachier and his fellow DEVIL WORSHIPPERS to convince anyone that FREEMASONRY is a honourable thing, let them PUBLISH the names of all their members, OPEN UP their TEMPLES of SIN and RECRUIT both men and women PUBLICLY.

“CROOKS won’t do that in a million years. Ambrose Rachier hails from dirt poor Gem in Siaya County. If FREEMASON are champions of CHARITY, how many schools, hospitals, orphanages and shelters for the homeless have they built?

“How many scholarships has Rachier funded? No wonder he KILLED Gor-Mahia with his devil worship.” Miguna revealed. More

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