Miguna Miguna exposes two worst appointment Ruto made to his Cabinet!

Kenyan Lawyer Miguna Miguna has for the first time broken his silence on the worst appointment Ruto made to his cabinet.

Miguna opened up saying president William Ruto made two worst appointment during the unveiling of of his cabinet on Tuesday 27th, September.

Speaking during an interview with a news blog, Miguna listed two appointments Ruto named that he deems wrong.

According the exiled politician, treasury nominee Njuguna Ndungu was a mistake , claiming that the man never delivered when served as the CBK governor.

“He failed when he was the governor. He is not somebody who can turn around the economy. So I have a problem with that.

“But of course, the President must know why he appointed him. It is not my prerogative but I have the freedom to say what I am saying,” Miguna said.

He went further and revealed that the appointment of Susan Nakumicha Wafula as a health CS was also a big mistake, saying that he feels the nominee is not up to the task owing to her level of experience.

“I have a problem with the minister of health who I don’t think understands health. She has a diploma basically as far as I am concerned in some unrelated field.

“Maybe distant cousin to medicine. I don’t think that is the appropriate person to handle the important docket of Health.

“I am not saying that ministers should be appointed to the docket they studied. That is not correct because all you ought to understand is public policy and how you are going to provide in that docket.

“There are people who cannot understand public policy and we know by just looking at their resume. The rest of the picks I think are excellent.” Miguna pointed out. More

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