Shocking thing Peter Munya said after DP Rigathi released subsidized fertiliser!

Outgoing agriculture Cabinet secretary Peter Munya has taken a swipe at deputy president Rigathi Gachagua after flagging off subsidized fertilizer.

Photo collage; Peter Munya, Rigathi Gachagua/Courtesy

It started by the Super CS refusing to show up while the deputy president was releasing the fertiliser, the he decided to throw a bombshell at the second in command.

“There is nothing wrong with me failing to attend today’s event. I am told that Rigathi Gachagua was flagging off subsidized fertilisers.

“That’s laughable because those fertilizers are not for sale, the Russian company, Uralchem was giving away free fertilisers to developing countries because they had accumulated in EU ports due to sanctions. That is why Ruto and Gachagua shifted subsidy to fertilisers and not unga and fuel.

“The fertilizers are free and to join them in lying to the public is an abomination. I can’t be part of a regime that seeks to oppress citizens, and nobody will force me to do it, I’m not a wheelbarrow to be pushed anywhere,” angry Peter Munya said.

According to Munya, Ruto’s government has not released any subsidized fertilisers yet and that they are only distributing and selling the one that should be given freely. More

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