Shocking thing Miguna told Ngunjiri Wambugu after trying to defend Uhuru shocks Ruto!

NRM general Miguna Miguna has hit out at former Nyeri town member of parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu for trying to defend former president Uhuru Kenyatta on social media.

photo collage; Miguna, Ngunjiri Wambugu

Wambugu, took to his official Facebook page and told off a section of UDA leaders who have developed an habit of blaming former president Uhuru kenyatta for a deflated economy.

He further urged the ruling party to move on as Uhuru had already left the office and handed over power to now president William Ruto.

“The habit of blaming Uhuru now needs to stop. Uhuru finished his term. He left. He handed over office to William Ruto. Ruto is now in charge. When one wins you work from there, moving forward.

“You can’t keep saying ‘we could do this but the guys before us had done that, so we can’t ’ … You guys are now running government for ALL of us. Let’s move – forward,” Wambugu stated.

Wambugu’s remarks didn’t sit well with exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna who slammed him back saying that Uhuru cannot be left alone.

He replied “To Ngunjiri Wambugu and Company: Despot Uhuru Kenyatta cannot be left alone for to do so would be to INSTITUTIONALIZE the culture of impunity.

“Plunder of public resources, abductions, TORTURE, DEFIANCE of Court Orders, interference with the electoral process and the attempt to IMPOSE conman Raila Odinga ARE CRIMES that are punishable under Kenyan Statutes.” More

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