Shocking thing Ngunjiri Wambugu told Babu Owino after calling president Uhuru a CON!

Former Nyeri Town member of parliament Ngunjiri Wambugu has criticized Embakasi east member of parliament Babu Owino over his remarks on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s statehouse meeting with president-elect William Ruto.

Owino, a second-time legislator, accused the out-going head of state of playing his political master Raila Odinga by facilitating a smooth transition between him (Uhuru) and incoming president William Ruto.

The Azimio law maker noted that the president had entered in agreement to leave the country in the hands of Ruto, which the MP said has been fulfilled.

“Thank you, Uhuru Kenyatta, for keeping your word to Ruto. Your body language tells it all. It was a long con. We will still reach where we are going. If we could not hunt with a dog, we would use a cat,” Owino said.

In a Facebook post, Owino pointed out that Uhuru’s smiley face as he shook hands with Ruto at State House, Nairobi on Monday, September 12 and during inauguration was evident that the Kenya Kwanza Alliance leader was Uhuru’s preferred successor.

Ngunjiri Wambugu, however, downplayed Owino’s remarks and  defended Uhuru for steering a smooth transition devoid of mayhem.

“Sasa wewe ulikuwa unataka Uhuru akuwe analia as he meets Ruto? I expect a lot more from you as a 2nd termer than this. What do you want Uhuru to do now – cause chaos?”

“You are not the only ones who lost. Some of us lost more, and we are still here. And we are not throwing tantrums. This is because we understand that in politics someone must lose as someone else wins. We lost. Ruto and his team won. That’s just what it is.

“As a leader, ours is to show our fellow Kenyans the way forward. That Kenya is bigger than all of us,” Wambugu posed. More

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