End of Azimio as new message from international Human rights confirms Ruto as the 5th president!

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Presidential candidate Raila Odinga and his supporter, President Uhuru Kenyatta are currently not happy.

Photo collage; Raila Odinga in tears, Ruto with Uhuru Kenyatta/Courtesy

This is after news from most respected international group confirmed that the supreme court is going to rule against them on Monday.

Via their social media account, International Human Rights Foundation weighed on the evidence presented in supreme court by Odinga lawyers.

According to the international NGO, the Azimio councils did not provide enough evident as to why the August 9th election should be nullified saying that Ruto will be announced as the 5th president of Kenya.

“Latest news reports confirm the lack of evidence yo support the opposition’s petitions regarding the scrutiny procedure.

“Apparently, allegations may arise from unfamiliarity with the technology, with no interference with the outcome. William Ruto will be the 5th president.,” the International Human Rights Foundation posted on their social media account. More

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