Shocking: Al Shabab issues statement after Ruto declared president-elect!

Al Shabab militia, through its propaganda communications team Al Kataib, listed a raft of demands from Kenya after William Ruto was declared President-elect in the August 9th polls.

In statement dated Saturday 26th of August, and titled Kenya at a Crossroads,’ Militia demanded for a change in the foreign policy in a bid to prevent further deployment of Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) officers to Somalia.

It pointed out that KDF’s continued stay in Somali made no sense since its objectives were yet to be met 11 years on.

“It has been 11 years since Kenya invaded Somalia. To this day, however, the Kenyan military did not achieve any of its initial goals of the invasion.

“The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) remain besieged in their bases, unable to leave their bunkers. They are also incapable of conducting any effective military operations against the Mujahedeen.

“Throughout their election campaigns, the presidential candidates deliberately avoided addressing Kenya’s deteriorating security situation as well as their military invasion of Somalia.

“Kenyan politicians, it seems, are willing to persist upon the path of war to fulfil the interests of their western masters, putting the lives of their citizens at risk and the interest of their country in jeopardy,” continued the statement,” read the statement in part.

The militia further expressed their contempt for the silence portrayed by Ruto and his rival, Raila Odinga over the foreign policy issue during the campaign period. More

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