Miguna Miguna special message to Raila Odinga after Ruto won the presidential election!

Lawyer Miguna Miguna who has grown to be a defiant ally of president elect William Ruto has send a a special message to his former friend and boss Raila Odinga after he lost the general election for the fifth time.

The NRM general pointed out that the ODM party leader should now be a man and phone call the elections victor to congratulate him, exit the stage gracefully, and never ask for another handshake in the name of peace.

“To conman Raila Odinga: Exit the stage gracefully right now. Place a telephone call to William Samoei Ruto and concede. You claimed that your #HandChieth was because you love peace.

“Do not allow the blood of innocent Luos to be shed because of your ego and pettiness. Surrender.” Miguna point out.

Fearless Miguna went ahead and revealed that, during his time with Raila he tried to advise and educate him but all was in vain, saying that due to his failure, Luo community has been kept in vicious circle for 35 years.

“Political strategy is a science. Not green leaves. I tried educating conman Raila Odinga for 10 years and discovered that unfortunately what God did not vest in a mind a mere mortal cannot.

“That a 80-year-old conman has kept Luos in a vicious circle for 35 years is unforgivable.” he posted on his official social media platform. More

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