Moses Kuria new warning to Raila about Uhuru shocks even Ruto!

Former Gatundu South Member of Parliament and former Kiambu governor aspirant Moses Kuria has a new message to Raila Odinga.

Via his social media account, the outspoken leader, who is one of Ruto’s confidants from Mount Kenya warned Raila that Uhuru will soon betray him and start supporting Ruto.

According to Kuria, after Ruto is declared the winner, the Azimio team will make all manner of noise but Uhuru will calm them down with a message that ‘this country is greater than individual.’

“They’ll make noise everywhere, but Uhuru will be like, “My brother Raila Odinga, this country is greater than an individual, just concede,” Moses Kuria posted on his social media account. More

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