“Shame on you for lying infront of cameras” Ps Kibicho blasts Dp Ruto on a live TV interview!!

Interior PS Karanja Kibicho has taken a swipe at deputy president William Ruto after he sensationally claimed that there was a plot hatched in Nakuru to cause violence and disrupt next week’s general election.

In an interview with Citizen tv on Thursday August 4th, Kibicho trashed the allegations by Dp Ruto, pointing out that the last time he was in Nakuru county was two years ago.

“The last time I set foot in Nakuru was two years ago. It is very shameful for a deputy president to even imagine that we were in Nakuru plotting anything. It is shameful for a deputy president to lie infront of cameras on a grave thing like this one,” he stated.

The Ps further added that Kenya Kwanza was playing reverse psychology and intimidating Government officials.

“These are masters of reverse psychology, We have been meeting our chiefs since 2017. We meet them in open places for security briefings and at the end of each meeting we always brief the media.

“It is so shameful what William Ruto is alleging, even if it is seeking sympathy from Kenyans, there are better ways to do it than character assassinate people and try to intimidate government officials,” He added.

The PS affirmed that they would do their work without intimidation and provide security to every Kenyan ahead of next week’s polls. More

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