Shocking thing Ruto said after court granted them to use Nyayo stadium!

Deputy president William Ruto has weighed in on a court order that saw his team granted access to Nyayo Stadium where they planned to have their last rally. 

The country’s second in command pointed out that the state had planned to lock them out illegally, adding that the order has vindicated them.

He further revealed that, his team signed a contract with Sports Kenya and even paid for the venue only to be told otherwise later on.

The Dp further said that, in the event they are locked out of the stadium they will hold a rally outside the venue that the way they did when they were denied access to Bukhungu stadium.

“We have paid for Nyayo Stadium on Saturday and we have a contract with Nyayo Stadium. The court has said that we should have the meeting in Nyayo Stadium and if they lock us out, we will still have the meeting at Nyayo Stadium on the roadside,” he said. More

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