Shocked Dp Ruto after Wetangula’s shocking message to Uhuru Kenyatta!

Ford Kenya party leader has taken a swipe at president Uhuru Kenyatta joining hands with Dp Ruto to viciously attack him.

Speaking during a rally in Nandi county, Wetangula stated that Uhuru’s protection in retirement is dependent on his behavior during the electioneering period.

Wetangula pointed out that the head of states was holding unlawful meetings at night to allegedly manipulate the forth coming general election results.

While taking a swing at the commander in chief, the Bungoma senator warned that if he (Uhuru) continues with his ‘illegal activities’ he is likely to lose the privileges he was promised.

“Mr. President, you only have 10 days to go and it is most unfortunate you are now engaged in unlawful night meetings to subvert elections.

“We want to tell you you enjoy immunity of law, you enjoy immunity from prosecution. We have said we will respect and protect you in your retirement, it is only subject to your correct behavior,” Wetangula stated. More

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