Late Chris Musando’s mother message to Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of August 9th polls.

Mary Aloo, the 85 years old mother of the late IEBC manager Chris Musando has appealed to Kenyans to make a wise decision in the upcoming general election by electing a leader who will steer the country forward and protect it from any internal or external aggression.

Speaking at her home in Lifunga-Kobiero, Ugenya sub-county, Aloo drummed up support for Azimio la Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga saying that he was the best bet in the forthcoming general election.

“I want to urge Kenyans to vote for Raila he is the one who will change this country,” she said.

Musando’s mother revealed that she was still in pain over the brutal murder of her son who was ┬ákilled in the run-up to the 2017 General Election.

She added that since the demise of her son the government has remained silent on what transpired and all she’s left with are the sweet memories of her late lastborn son Chris Musando.

“Since Chris died I have been in so much pain. Even his children have been really disturbed. We are yet to get justice in court.

“We have never received any information from the government regarding the death of my son… We have even never been called to court over the issue,” she said.

Msando was found dead on July 28, 2017, four days after disappearing during the run-up to the last General Election.

His body was found dumped at Muguga Forest in Kikuyu, Kiambu County alongside the body of a young woman. More

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