Ruto’s drastic action after denied access to Nyayo, Kasarani stadium for his final rally!!

Kenya kwanza’s head of presidential campaign Josephat Nanok has revealed drastic measure Dp Ruto is willing to take after being locked out of the Nyayo and Kasarani stadium together with his team for his final rally which was to be held on 6th August 2022.

Nanok said that, Azimio la Umoja should look for another alternative venue to run their rally because they were the first to book the venue, pointing out that they was no other political party or organization that had shown any intention of using it before they booked.

He went ahead and revealed that Dp Ruto and team will be moving to court to challenge the decision to lock them out of Nyayo Stadium.

“We are prepared to challenge the Ministry of Sports, legally on August 3, because we have a signed contract. The contract hasn’t been cancelled,” Nanok said in a press conference at Ruto’s command centre at Westlands, Nairobi.

According to Nanok, secretariat signed a contract with the organization responsible for Nyayo permits on July 12,and claims by their opponent that they booked the venue first were lie and they are going to move to court to challenge the cancellation.

“We have heard that our key opponent also booked the stadium, we have realized that they have been bending the hands of the Ministry of Sports focusing them to be given that stadium and to cancel our contract,” Nanok added. More

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