Shocking thing Dp Ruto told Uhuru after lowering the maize flour price, Raila shocked!

Deputy president William Ruto has downplayed the government decision to lower maize flour price after initially letting the price of the essential commodity hit an all-time high of Ksh.230.

The UDA party leader William Ruto’s remark came just few hours after the government announced that the price of the production of maize flour would be subsidized for a period of 4 weeks to bring down the cost from ksh.230 to ksh.100.

Dp Ruto, in a quick rebuttal, questioned the government on why they let Kenyans dig deep in to their pockets to access to the commodity amidst a biting economic crisis.

“When we told them that they have spoilt the plan to increase food production they started blaming the war in Ukraine. Now they say that they are lowering maize prices because there is an election in August. Why did you leave Kenyans to suffer?” posed DP Ruto during a campaign rally in Kamkunji.

The kenya kwanza presidential candidate mocked at the government’s move saying the action will not sway Kenyans decision come august 9th.

“Kenyans have already decided… whether you lower the prices or not you will go home on August 9,”Ruto said. More

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