Igathe, Sakaja clashes head to head in an heated live interview!

The Nairobi Governor debate, which featured Azimio la Umoja candidate Polycarp Igathe and UDA candidate Johnson Sakaja was a brawl with the two candidates going for each other at every given opportunity.

Igathe took every opportunity to scold Nairobi senator Sakaja about the controversy surrounding his academic credentials which has since spiked a heated debate both online and offline.

While responding to question about his governor bid, Igathe claimed to have beaten two other candidates for the jubilee ticket, pointing out the they also didn’t have degrees just like Sakaja.

“Within the party, there were two other people, the ones who were running against me within the party also did not have degrees, I beat them” Igathe claimed.

Sakaja on the other hand took the opportunity to criticize Igathe’s candidacy, claiming that Igathe was a deep state project.

The UDA candidate further made fun of his opponent, saying he arrive 20 minutes later so as to give his competitor a head start.

“My opponent is used to head starts, and we are here, amezoea kupewa head starts, no need to talk about the head start, from the government, and so on,” Sakaja explained. More

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